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A digital learning platform for city administrations.

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Digitalisation at government-level is a massive undertaking. Themis brings officials up to speed via an e-learning platform.

Themis was founded to prepare Europe’s city administrations for the digital future via an easy-to-use e-learning platform. We worked closely with the founders on conceptualising and developing the brand, platform, and website.

The target audience included predominantly city administration workers who are 50 years or older. Large type, enough contrast, and a pared-back information architecture meant that users wouldn’t be bombarded with details that they didn’t need.

Themis platform on iPad
Themis stationary
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Dinah Schmechel Portrait

The team at MAD was a joy to work with! They are great listeners and thoughtful implementers, who helped us define our brand in the early stages of our venture.

— Dinah Schmechel (CEO)
Themis platform video
Themis platform cards
Themis platform learning progress

Themis is successfully raising funds which will allow us to get the product into the hands of city admins soon!

We can take your idea through strategy, branding, and product development while you focus on funding. Give us a shout.