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Welcome to Engineering at MAD. A space for creative tech, with words directly from our engineers.

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We currently have 2 openings but weโ€™re always interested in making new friends.


We work(ed) from a cosy office in Berlin Mitte but recently weโ€™ve become a Zoom office.

We're a small team and we hope to stay bloat-free and compact even as our ambitions continue to expand. We're all specialised in our chosen areas but our interests range far and wide. We don't work for assholes and we won't work on projects that could be harmful to people or our planet. We don't follow rigid work practices and we don't believe in late nights or crunch time. We achieve our best work when we're happy, rested, and motivated.

Diversity and inclusivity at MAD

In our line of work it is critical that we have a diverse team. We help companies build and design products that are used by millions of people. Every new person to the team is a chance to add to a pool of perspectives, and make us a better company. In a more general sense, for too long the design and development industry has looked the same โ€“ male and white with a gatekeeper mentality. This has lead to massive under-representation in our industry. While we have a long way to go we're dedicated to changing this with the following steps:

  • We have implemented a hiring program to address under-representation.
  • We have a clear and transparent pay scale, visible to all employees, with a clear path forward.
  • Everyone has a say in the clients we work with. The whole team needs to approve.
  • Wellbeing over profit. Always.
  • Company-wide financial transparency to ensure each team member knows where we're at.

We also work with a lot of freelancers. So hit us up if you can imagine us working together.