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Building the successor to Sparkasse’s digital banking frontend. The nature of this project is still confidential.

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Building the successor to a banking platform used by 20M customers is no easy task.

We kicked things off with an eight weeks long R&D session to create a future vision of three key product areas. We operated as tightly knit team with two key stakeholders from Sparkasse. Our team consisted of two designers and two engineers.

After successful user tests, which increased customer satisfaction significantly, we've partnered with Sparkasse to create design system at scale. This was a year long process of numerous iterations, refinements and prototypes. This frontend design system eventually becomes the successor of their 20M customers heavy digital banking platform.

Sparkasse IconsSparkasse Spider Graph UI
Sparkasse Transaction UI

Since our first R&D session we continuously evaluated and tested our hypothesis.

From first date to prototype before you can say wireframe. Give us a shout.

R&D Sprint with Sparkasse
6 weeks R&D sprint in a remote location
R&D Sprint with Sparkasse
Occasionally we also did take breaks
UX-Test with Sparkasse
Sorting sticky notes like pros
UX-Test with Sparkasse
Clustering requires nutrition
UX-Test with Sparkasse
Taking notes during a UX-Test session
Sparkasse Loan UISparkasse Transaction Summary UI

If you are interested in learning more about how to build design systems at scale as well as creating a future vision of your product reach out to