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Ephemeral dev environments on demand

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Gitpod website home page

A back-to-basics approach to meet the challenge of displaying an extremely powerful and complex product in an approachable way.

Gitpod approached us to evolve their brand as they moved toward relaunching their already-successful product. In an ode to the original logo we kept the isometric cube and hid it subtly in a kumquat-coloured ‘G’.

We refined their approach to content and reduced clutter across the website, resulting in clarity and a product that feels like it is built for devs. We approached 3D illustrator Vic to create fantastical dev environments that felt light, delightful, and expressed the ephemeral nature of the Gitpod product.

Our engineering team created some code-based illustrations to better explain the intricacies of the product. The website was built by Gitpod’s team and some talented freelancers.

Gitpod logo
Gitpod workspace illustration
Gitpod features
Johannes Landgraf portrait

How quickly MAD grasped the core of our brand and translated a complex, feature-rich developer tool in a simple yet elegant style and tone was magical. They lived up to their name and made a difference. On the way we also learned about kumquats! 🍊

— Johannes Landgraf (Co-founder of Gitpod)
Gitpod mobile website
Gitpod website before and after
Gitpod illustrations

Gitpod relaunched successfully in April 2021 after a two month rebrand.

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