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Manage your brand on the go.

Product StrategyUX/UI DesigniOS Development

Bringing Frontify’s feature-rich web product right to their customer’s pockets with a version for iOS and Android.

Frontify is a cloud-based brand management platform for creators and collaborators of brands that enables users to centralize any brand asset in one place.

MAD translated complex features of Frontify’s web product for both iOS and Android, including commenting, adding different types of assets, marking areas, file uploads and many more. Our design approach was based around maintaining core elements from Frontify’s identity, while allowing users to easily create their own brand space within the app.

We designed and developed the app in-house, giving us the insight and control to build a future-ready component library.

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Daniel Demel portrait

Working with MAD on our mobile app felt more like an extension of our team rather than an outsourcing of strategy, design and engineering efforts. Customer feedback that the mobile app feels as great as the web experience is proof that MAD is able to convey your brand as if they were a part of it.

— Daniel Demel (Head of Product Design at Frontify)
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Frontify UI components

Frontify’s iOS app launched successfully in May 2022 and we continue to build new features for upcoming launches.

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