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A better ticketing system for the beloved BVG

UX/UI DesignPrototypingDesign System

Like many city transport systems, the ticketing experience feels like it stands in your way. We reshaped it for Berliners and tourists alike to make it a breeze.

Reducing friction has always been one of the priorities ever since we started the project and still informs decisions to this day. In fact, this very principle kicked everything off.

The app is used by a diverse audience, each with their own needs and problems. This is why we created a design system thatโ€™s flexible and adaptable in its core. Having such a dynamic design allowed us to create a cohesive and seamless experience across various touchpoints, from smartphones to kiosks.

BVG IconsApp icons on iPhone homescreen
BVG App Clip UI

Since start we have retained an R&D role, fostering new technologies in explorations and conceptualising new features.

Do you have an existing product that needs some external eyes for a few weeks? Give us a Give us a shout.

BVG Kiosk UIBVG Ticket App Homescreen


more digital revenue since launching the app

unique downloads of the app

Need a design system that spans multiple devices as well as digital kiosks in trains and trams? Let us know