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Kastanienallee 63a, 10119 Berlin






Frontend Engineer (f/m/x)


We're looking for an ambitious engineer to join our team. We value a learning mindset over pure experience, and we're aiming to build an even more diverse, more inclusive environment at MAD. You'll be working alongside our small team of strategists, designers, and engineers, as well as the variety of freelancers we work with regularly.

We build digital products for every screen with a particular focus on the connection between hardware and the software that accompanies it. We have a moral backbone, we're transparent, and we don't take on marketing-oriented work. We aim to build great products for honest clients in a way that empowers our entire team. Realistic goals, room to grow, no crunch time, no low budgets, no time-tracking.

What we're offering

  • A relaxed but ambitious work environment.
  • A hiring process geared towards fixing underrepresentation in our company.
  • Financial and organisational transparency.
  • Good clients. We don't work for assholes.
  • Good projects. We say no to a lot of projects that don't align with our beliefs.
  • A say in how we work, what we work on, and where we're headed.
  • Check out 'Perky Perks' for more info.


What we've listed below reaches far and wide, but please do apply if you feel you meet even some of the requirements.

  • 5+ years of experience.
  • You can cross-collaborate with other engineers and designers in a supportive team environment.
  • Be comfortable with mentoring other engineers on best practices, quality and providing constructive feedback.
  • Either a strong background in web development, with a firm knowledge of standards as well as modern frontend frameworks such as React, and an interest in mobile development.
  • Or a strong background in mobile development, whether in iOS, Android, or React Native, with an interest in web development.

Your day at MAD would include

  • Collaborating with designers on finding the perfect way to express an idea that blends technology and design.
  • Developing new features for apps and websites.
  • Performing QA on multiple projects.
  • Discussing technology choices with the team.
  • Explaining technology choices and tradeoffs to clients.
  • Working with clients to develop a product.
  • Mentoring other team members.




Kastanienallee 63a, 10119 Berlin

Work with us

Perky perks

Our hiring process

First call, the meet and greet

This takes place over a very casual call. We want to know more about you and what makes you tick. This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions to see if we're a right fit for you too.

Second call, more info

A second call with other members on the team is a great way to learn more about each other. It's also an opportunity to take us through some of your work and your own processes.

Test days, paid

If both parties are happy at this point we'd schedule a week or two of work with you. You join the team and work with us on a real project and we pay you for your time. This gives everyone a better idea of what it will be like when you're a new member of the MAD team.

The offer

Once the test days are completed and we're all happy, we will make you an offer. On acceptance of the offer we're good to go and look forward to seeing you in team Zoom calls (or maybe in the office one day) soon!

Before you apply

Tell us a bit about yourself and why youโ€™d be right for the role. Keep it brief and include links to your work.